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550,000 pounds of toothpaste - 2.5 million tubes - are used; enough to fill a small jetliner. (calcium carbonate, zeolites, trona, clays, silica)

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Vumbachikwe was founded by Mr Linken Taylor in 1931 and he hid the claim from the public for a hilarious 20 years by perpetuating a legend that the land was sacred since his father died in that area. He was a respected individual by the locals so they left him alone until the Rhodesian federation discovered the source of his wealth in 1958 then the claim was legally bought by his grandson Damien Taylor who would become the first president.

Our company's rich history of mining has distinguished us as a respected precious metals producer. While our past is impressive, we are determined to meet the challenges and opportunities our future holds.

We pride ourselves in our ability to integrate the latest mining technology with the best human resources

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