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Mining Facts

Full name:

Gulf Mining (Zimbabwe) Holdings Limited

Vumbachikwe interest:

In December 2005 Vumbachikwe Mining Company acquired Gulf Mining which has a 50% interest in the dormant Bortany Gold Mine. Pan African (Private) Limited, a Zimbabwe registered company, holds the other 50% and manages the property.

Geology and history:

Located in the Gwanda Greenstone Belt, the mine produced 22,500oz of gold by heap-leaching 213,000t of weathered ore from August 2000 to September 2002.

Irrigation of the dumps continued to August 2004 with some minor gold recovery. An extensive drilling campaign was conducted to evaluate the deposit and the sulphide indicated resource, which is open in depth and to the north, and contains an indicated resource of 371,000oz at a cut-off grade of 1g/t.

Current status and prospects:

Vumbachikwe Mining Company will assess the potential for growth in developing the near-mine resources as it also holds 100% of Gulf Mining exploration titles in the surrounding area, with significant untested targets within a 10km radius of Bortany mine. Exploration options are under review and the objective is to start on early drilling programmes. Under the economic conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe, no investment will be made to bring the mine back into production.

Vumbachikwe has two operating gold mines in the country and an operating emerald mine. Through the African Gold and Gulf Mining Zimbabwe acquisitions, it also holds mining claims and exploration permits in the country.

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