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550,000 pounds of toothpaste - 2.5 million tubes - are used; enough to fill a small jetliner. (calcium carbonate, zeolites, trona, clays, silica)

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All companies operating in the extractive industries in developing countries are at the sharp end of rising expectations on the social and environmental front. Vumbachikwe Mining Company fully recognizes this challenge. As a dynamic, entrepreneurial company, our vision and strategy articulate our commitment to the core business practices that underpin our support for sustainable development. Our aim is to strengthen returns for our investors while also benefiting other stakeholders, including our employees and the communities in which we operate.

The current focus is on our established operations. As our exploration assets come on stream, policies and practices will be rolled out to these new operations.

Vision and strategy

Vumbachikwe Mine is well positioned to build a truly African resources group that brings strong returns for its shareholders and contributes significantly to the benefit of the African people and their continent.

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